Chapter 8

It was fews after the the deaths of innocent animals that the rest of the animals in the farm realize the fact that there has been a change in the Seven Commandements.

“No animal shall kill any other animal” was changed so that it now read “No animals shall kill any other animal without cause.”


The animals failed to realize that it was just an addition to two of the words, but they blame themselves for forgetting what the Seven Commandements were.

Napoleon becomes a leader and kind of like a god because the pig poet writes a poem in praise of Napoleon.

The timber that was left by Mr. Jones which was negotiated between Mr. Fredericks and Mr. Pilkington.


The favor fell into Mr. Fredericks and the animals were taught to hate Mr. Pilkington.

Soon afterwards, the construction of the windmill has finally finished.

However, it seems as if Napoleon was tricked.

Mr. Fredericks had given them 5 pounds of fake money.

Napoleon warns the animal to be prepared for the worst.

Guess what?

Napoleon was right, Mr. Fredericks along with a group of men soon came and attacked the animal farm.

The attack has started.

Mr. Fredericks and his group blow up all the hard work and effort put into rebuilding the windmill.

The animals were mad and without fear, they attacked the men.

This lead to several animals being killed, and Boxer getting a serious injury.

That night the pigs find whisky and drink.

The next day, the animals once again blame themselves for not remembering the Seven Commandments because they recall that one of the Seven Commandments being that “No animals shall drink alcohol” which was changed to “No animal shall drink alcohol to excess”.


I think that if I were the animals, I would feel deceived that the Seven Commandments is flexible to the two pigs but not to other animals. In addition, I would also get some suspicions the actions of the pigs.


Chapter 7

The winter days still continued. 

There were serious of events that took place: the animals had to rebuild the windmill and was come across with food shortages.


Nevertheless, the animals still perserved on in rebuilding the windmill but this time, thickening the walls twice the size it was before. 

Many animals were tired and couldn’t work more but, seeing Boxer putting all the effort in rebuilding the windmill, the other animals got inspiration and started working hard as well. 

In order to get the food, the pigs sign a contract to sell 400 eggs per week. 


All the animals are shocked because they clearly remember the fact that one of Old Major’s complaint was on the cruelty of selling the eggs.

The hens rebel and are punished by cutting their ration of food that they. (Not to mention that they hardly got any food in the first place.)

These hens are malnutrition so therefore, nine of the hens die before giving in to Napoleon’s demands. 

The pigs continue to make Snowball seem to be the villain, when they themselves are.  

Four day later, Napoleon suggests that there are traitors in the animal farm and suggests that the dogs should tear out their throats.

The nine dogs attack Boxer, who knock them away in the big hooves. 

This casualty results in four other pigs and many other animals, like the hens who rebelled against Napoleon’s idea to their deaths. 

After this Boxer works even harder. 

Some of the animals start to sing “Beasts of England” 


But, Squealer comes in and tells the animals that the song can no longer be sung, because it was only applied when there was a revolution. 

Instead Squealer gives them another song written by a pig poet. 


I think that this chapter was interesting in the way that Napoleon attempted to try and killed some of the innocent animals to perhaps show once again who was in power after the hens rebelled against his idea. 

Chapter 6

As the pigs, Napoleon and Squealer, come into power there is a change of the ration of food the animals get.

The animals who do all the work do not get food unless they work on Sunday as well, which is supposed to be a day of rest.

While the two pigs , who do not do much work, get food.

Every animal, especially Boxer, devotes and commit their time into working because they realised that they were working for their own benefit.

The animals suffer just as much as the suffered under the hand of Mr. Jones.

There are plenty of food for them since they are not being sold, by Mr. Jones, however, there are items such as iron that cannot be made by the animals.

This was overcome when Napoleon hired Mr. Whymper, who would help in trading.

The Seven Commandments are changing to make it more comfortable for the two pigs.

One of the Seven Commandments were that the animals were not allowed to sleep in beds, however, this was changed to “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.”

Squealer explains the bed to be a pile of straw, and the persuades the animals that the pigs should sleep on beds so that they are think clearly for new ideas to make improvements for the Animal Farm.

Around this time came a severe storm, ruining and knocking down the windmills and trees.

Dilapidated Windmill Sky

The animals are devastated that the windmill they have put a lot of effort into have toppled down, in which Napoleon blames  Snowball for doing this.

All the animals shout “Long live the windmill!.. Long live animal farm!”

And that is the end of the chapter.


I thought the way that Napoleon kind of in a way blamed Snowball was selfish.  I think that Napoleon was trying to make a good impression to the animals denouncing Snowball that is now not part of the farm.

Chapter 5

Let’s continue…

Mollie, the horse, is becoming a burden to the Animal Farm.

She wants to be taken under the care of a human so she was soon lured by the fat red faced man with sugar and is currently pulling his carriage.

This is now in the winter time and so the meeting is held inside the Animal Farm.


However, there is constant quarrel between Snowball and Napoleon.

Snowball studies Mr. Jones’s books to think of ideas to improve the conditions of the farm.


Snowball thinks about building a windmill to generate electricity with it, bringing comfort to the lives of the animals on the Animal Farm.

However, Napoleon disagrees with this idea, but rather thinks that they should focus on the current issues.

Since Snowball is a good speaker, he persuades many of the many animals of the windmill plan.

However, Napoleon comes along and makes a weird whimper.

Suddenly nine vicious dogs come and chases Snowball off the Animal Farm.

All the animals are puzzled.

But Napoleon persuades the animals to think that “(They) will work harder” and “Napoleon is always right!”.


Now the animals live by these two statements.

The animals feel threatened by what just happened to Snowball and so they have no other choice but to agree with Napoleon.


My opinion:

I feel that what Napoleon did was cruel. It seemed as if everything had to be done the way he wants it to be done or else he would threaten or force you to do it his way.

Chapter 4

By the end of the summer, the revolution of the animals in Mr. Jones’ farm has spread all over the country.

The other farmers were terrified that their animals would do the same.

Later in October, the pigeons warn the animals in the farm that Mr. Jones and a couple of men decided to attack the Animal Farm.

Snowball was ready to fight against him.

Let the battle begin!

Mr. Jones and his men had guns and started shooting everywhere trying to kill the animals.

The animals on the other hand just started to attack the Mr. Jones and his men.

During the battle, Boxer kicks a boy with his iron shoes and every animals presumes that he is dead.

But he did not die, he was just unconscious for a while.

In the end, Mr. Jones and his men were defeated by the animals (What?!) with the fact that a sheep died and a boy was unconscious.

After much thought, the animals decided to name this battle the “Battle of the Cowshed”.

In addition, the animals decided that they should fire a gun every October 12th to represent their win against Mr. Jone and his men.


I found it interesting to read the fact that the animals had won the battle even though Mr. Jones and his men had more advantage due to the fact that they have guns with them.


Wait to hear more about what happens in the next chapter




Chapter 3 of Animal Farm

By this chapter, a summer has already pasted where the animals spend a laborious time harvesting in the field.

Every animal participates in helping out in the farm with the use of the human tools that the clever thought ways of using it.

Mollie,a horse, and the cat neglect their duties on the farm whilst Boxer, cart horse, works the hardest using “I will work harder!” as his motto to get him to work.

Every Sunday, the animals gather together for a flag raising ceremony similar to the one below.


On Sunday mornings, they also do a democratic meeting where, they establish new polices.

At these meetings, Snowball and Napoleon’s opinions always seem to clash with each other.

Snowball takes the responsibility of teaching or re-educating the animals especially the rats and rabbits.

By the end of the summer all the animals are able to reach some degree literacy.

As Snowball sees that the farm animals are having a hard time memorising the seven commandments. he simplified them to say that “Four legs good, two legs bad.”

On the other hand, Napoleon does not give interest in what Snowball is doing.

He instead takes the puppies that were born under Jessie and Bluebell and takes “special” care of them.

Meanwhile, the rest of the farm animal realises that the pigs have been taking all the milk and apple.

The pigs explain themselves by saying that they need to drink milk and eat an apple to think well.

At the end of this chapter, it hints to us that Mr. Jones might be coming or he might not.

Keep checking to see what happens next in the chapter.



Chapter 2 of Animal Farm

Chapter 2 starts out the death of Old Major who dies peacefully 3 days later he gave his speech.

The animals in the Manor Farm secretly prepare to fulfill Old Major’s wish for 3 months, but did not know when to carry out the Rebellion.

The pigs, the cleverest of the animals, had the responsibility of teaching and organizing the rebellion.

Along with the two young boars, Snowball and Napoleon, Squealer makes the teachings of Old Major into a system under the name of Animalism.

Although at first when introduced to the idea of Animalism, all the animals wanted to stay loyal to Mr. Jones, who provided them with the food and shelter.

On top of that, the tame raven, Moses, tried to persuade the animals into thinking that there is a mysterious country called Sugarcandy Mountain in which some of them believed.

However, the rebellion comes earlier than any of the animals expected because Mr. Jones goes for drinking and had forgotten to feed the animals.

Because of their unbearable hunger, the cows break into the store shed where the rest of the animals start to eat.

When Mr. Jones and his men return home and find out what the mess the cows have made, they start to whip the cows.

This stirred up the anger in the animals that they began to attack all the men, including Mr. Jones and frightened them, including the tame raven, off the farm.

Eventually, they create the seven Commandments of Animalism.


Without Mr. Jones to do the farming, all the animals begin to harvest, and cows are milked which gives them, 5 pails of milk.

However, when the animals come back after harvesting, they find that the milk had disappeared.


Who could have taken the milk?

Wondering who could have taken it?

The answer will come in the next blog.


My thoughts on this chapter:

For the next chapter, I’m going to predict that Napoleon was the one who stole the milk because Napoleon was tagging along at the back of the rest of the animal.